Our technological solutions, Faced with the impact of covid-19!

The health crisis caused by the new coronavirus has emerged as the last element that recalls the usefulness of the solutions offered by SATIS FINTECH SA, the Beninese company that provides innovative technological solutions to players in the financial sector for the improvement of quality of services. The expertise of this fintech with pan-African ambitions allows it to act on the management of customer complaints and claims, which is also a lever for improving the quality of service and financial inclusion in the African financial sector.

With web applications & nbsp; SatisPro , & nbsp; SatisHub & nbsp; and & nbsp; SatisMacro , and the mobile version & nbsp; SatisMobile , user financial institutions would eliminate contact and manipulation of physical media in their process for handling customer complaints. Operable by teleworking, these applications extend the anti-covid-19 measures to the complaints management process in financial institutions where they above all ensure efficiency in the collection and processing of complaints and claims by acting on deadlines, risk operational and costs.

The socio-economic environment imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic is reflected, among other things, by the unprecedented slowdown in socio-economic activity and therefore, constraints and threats to the activity of financial institutions, which these are commercial banks, microfinance institutions and cooperatives, insurance companies, institutions issuing electronic money, etc. Indeed, in this environment where communication is complicated (social distancing, masks, anxiety, stress, etc.), one of the important measures taken is the use of digital services and mobile means of payment which are not available. without difficulties for customers. Beyond the issue of illiteracy and the ease of customers with these digital media, there is also the issue of the technological environment and the quality of the technical infrastructure (DAB, ATM, TPE, Internet , GSM network coverage, etc.).

It goes without saying that the situations subject to complaints and claims will multiply: improper handling / use, unsuccessful withdrawals at ATMs and ATMs, misunderstandings in branches, counting errors, to name but a few. If customers in difficulty do not have the adequate means to express themselves and have a prompt response from their bank or microfinance institution, their disappointment would cause further distress to the economic crisis already accentuated by COVID-19: in an atmosphere hostile, we are more intolerant of any situation that prevents us from easily enjoying our assets and rights.

The digitization of financial services is rightly an adequate solution to the constraints introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic and all financial institutions – with the support of their technical and financial partners – are accelerating digitization projects. The speed of transactions and the lack of interlocutors that digitization allows will also cause more vulnerabilities. Sending unprepared or poorly prepared customers to digital channels without providing an adequate system to manage the resulting difficulties creates more vulnerabilities. SATIS solutions are meant to be the safety nets of digitization. SATIS solutions, completely dematerialized, are also available in subscription (SaaS).

With its vision & nbsp; To be the pan-African specialist in electronic management of complaints in the financial sector , & nbsp; SATIS FINTECH SA , before the health crisis intended to contribute to meeting 3 major challenges of the financial ecosystem of African countries. These challenges, which are only growing under the influence of Covid-19, are:

  • Client Protection

In successful financial ecosystems, customer orientation is one of the pillars of the quality management system. One of the reasons why banking rates have remained low in sub-Saharan Africa is that populations (mostly illiterate) have the feeling that financial institutions do not listen to them (study on the Voice of Clients, The Smart Campaign, 2015). Even conquered customers claim that their expectations and complaints are not dealt with quickly.

  • Social Performance

The question of social performance, the & nbsp; effective implementation of the social mission of an institution in accordance with social values, & nbsp; and its evaluation do not should not be underestimated. & nbsp; In Sub-Saharan Africa particularly, financial service providers must aim more for performance that is not expressed only in terms of interest margin or net banking income, etc., only quantified to their advantage, and which would also reflect the positive impact left by their activities on society whose basic needs justify their economic model.

  • Financial inclusion

The efforts made by governments and international organizations to increase financial inclusion would remain in vain and unsustainable if the issue of trust is not resolved: we must continue by strengthening the attractiveness of the sector financial and reassure consumers. & nbsp; This assumes that the populations to be included in the financial system, before deciding, must be reassured that they will be treated well or at least that they will not be more vulnerable by interacting with financial institutions. SATIS FINTECH wants to help organizations and individuals in the African financial sector take responsibility for society and the environment.

SATIS FINTECH SA, whose mission is to “Provide innovative technological solutions to players in the financial sector to improve the quality of services” is committed to offering tailor-made solutions to a financial sector in search of maturity. Concretely, it is for society to “give a voice” to consumers of financial services and to enable financial institutions “to turn every complaint into an opportunity”.

The Smart Campaign & nbsp; and & nbsp; Social Performance Task Force & nbsp; (SPTF) have encouraged and funded the installation of SATIS solutions in financial institutions in Ghana, Rwanda and some UEMOA countries. Among the & nbsp; SATIS clients , there is a central bank and an observatory for the quality of financial services.