Who are we ?

Satis FinTech SA is a company that positions itself as the leader in Benin in the provision of consulting and technological solutions to the financial professions.

The SatisCare platform creates an ecosystem offering cross-services between consumers, MFIs, banks, FinTechs, insurance companies, MSMEs, government agencies, central banks and other regulators by merging the solutions used separately by these organizations: SatisPro & SatisMacro for claims management, SatisHub for chargeback management and claims supervision, SatisFair for price transparency and monitoring, SatisBack for surveys, SatisMobile for customers.

We provide the safety net to 400 million consumers of financial services in Africa.

Satis Fintech SA offers expertise that is carried out in 2 parts:

The establishment or review / adaptation of documented processes: process, flowchart, procedures for handling complaints and customer complaints. These documents are developed in a dynamic of optimization.

The deployment of computerized tools, namely 1 web application + 1 mobile application configured “tailor-made” for collecting feedback, handling complaints and reporting.

Its teams have over 15 years of experience in auditing, strategic planning, training, microfinance, banking, customer relationship management and quality management.

Global customer relationship management and specific data analysis and prediction tools (Data Science) complete the products and services provided.